What we do is to make coffee interesting. 


Coffee or tea is hug in a mug!


Office Desk Use


Home Use


Candle Warmer


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Enhance the drinking experience both at home and the office and help them enjoy a warm beverage all day.  


This keeps my coffee warm and I used it to make tea because I always forget it in the microwave or have to rewarm the kettle.My father had a similar cup warmer that didn’t work unless the bottom of the cup was flat. I didn’t have that problem. Maybe my cups aren’t curvy enough.If you have that problem his fix is using aluminum foil to make the connection. Again, I’ve not run into that.I like this and it’s super handy for my ADHD brain. Saves many trips to the kitchen.

Debra S McGee

I love this mug warmer! Working from home, I struggle with making a cup of tea or coffee and then getting caught up in what I'm working on. Then when I remember, my drink is already cold :( I thought I'd try getting a mug warmer, and it's seriously awesome. There's different settings so you can keep it as hot or cool as you want it (I don't like it when it's too hot). And it barely takes up any room on my desk. I 10/10 recommend this product.

Zianna W.

It’s such a simple item. If you’re like me and leave your coffee or hot tea sitting around, and it gets cold before you even get to drink it. This is perfect for you. Honestly. It’s easy to use. Warms the drink back up and it’s as simple as that. It’s compact and can be stored pretty much anywhere in your kitchen. This would also be great for if you work in a office setting. Instead of having to always get up and get a fresh cup of coffee because yours got cool. Anyways, I highly recommend.

Chassidy lewis